Senior Scholarship Information

The Chester Alumni Association is offering two(2) financial awards to graduates of the Chester Academy.
These are, The Ruth Parkin Carroll Memorial Scholarship, and the Chester Alumni Scholarship.
 The estimated value is $
300.00 per award.  These scholarships are awarded at our annual dinner dance. 
They are however, second year scholarships, but your application must be completed and returned by
May 1st of your graduation year.


The Senior granted the scholarship will receive the award once the following conditions have been met.

bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes) Complete your 1st year of college (2 semesters) as a full time student.
or_pin.gif (1016 bytes) Register for your 2nd year as a full time student.
bl_pin.gif (1016 bytes) Submit proof of both of the above (grade reports, receipts, or letter from registrar) to following address by June 15th following your first year.
                 Chester Alumni Association 
                 P.O. Box 544
                 Chester, NY 10918 
or_pin.gif (1016 bytes) Include your current and complete name, address, and phone number.  Failure to do so may result in loss of reward.

Click Here to download the Senior Scholarship Form

Please complete the application in full and return to us at the following address by May 1, 2021.

 Chester Alumni Association 
P.O. Box 544
Chester,NY 10918 

Last updated 03/23/21